Guide: Quick reference for Importing

The CRANE Database system is a secure data entry and reporting system.

It is accessed via the white “CRANE Data Entry System” button located in the top menu of this website.

  • Once you have completed your registration, and logged-in to the CRANE Database, you can start to ‘Import’ patient records.
  • The CRANE Database system ‘Import’ function allows you to upload outcomes information about the patients registered to your administrative unit. Adding outcomes data in this way allows you to update several records at once rather than updating individual patient records one at a time, so it can save time if you have several records to update.

The guide below runs through the steps for a user of the CRANE Database to be able to import their data into the CRANE Database system.

Download Imports Guide

Guides to Manage Patient Records, Export data, and Manage Duplicates are also available to download.