CRANE 2023 Preliminary Report review: Summary – May 2023

The CRANE Database 2023 Preliminary Report was produced and distributed to teams on 10 May 2023, in advance of this event.

The preliminary report was produced by the CRANE Project Team to:

(a) Improve the usefulness of data collected by the CRANE Database, and

(b) increase feedback to teams in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland in advance of the 30 June 2023 data submission deadline – for the production of the CRANE 2023 Annual Report.

The preliminary report was not made available publicly and was intended for internal use by cleft services only.

This online event on 15 May 2023 – to review the CRANE 2023 Preliminary Report – was open to all cleft service team members submitting data to CRANE, and particularly relevant to staff involved in submission of data to the CRANE Database for yearly CRANE reporting and for quarterly SSQ Dashboard submissions.

This online event provided members of cleft services submitting data to CRANE the opportunity to:

  1. Share their views of the CRANE 2023 Preliminary Report, and reflect on the data entered to date.
  2. Discuss how services could improve the quality and reliability of the outcomes that the cleft care community are able to present for all stakeholders.

Click on the blue button below to download the summary document of the event.

CRANE 2023 Preliminary Report review: Summary