CRANE ‘Making it Better’ learning event: Summary – January 2023

The 2022 CRANE Annual Report was published in December 2022. The January 2023 ‘Making it Better’ session was convened to:

  • Provide stakeholders with an opportunity to share views and reflect on the Annual Report;
  • Answer questions in advance of the data submission deadline for the 2023 preliminary report;
  • Identify barriers to data submission faced by services with negative outlier status as per the Outlier Policy;
  • Share lessons learned from services with positive outlier status; and
  • Provide key Database updates and developments.

This session was open to all cleft service team members, and particularly relevant to those involved in submission of data to the CRANE Database for yearly CRANE reporting and for quarterly SSQ Dashboard submissions.

Click on the blue button and images below to download the summary document of the event and presentation slides.

CRANE ‘Making it Better’ Learning event: Summary

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